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The Quest for Equal Terms

Feature story News
The university is obligated to, as far as possible, offer equal terms to all students. Accessibility for students with disabilities has increased. But simultaneously those responsible are wrestling ...
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“Think of Your Studies as a Job”

Student life
More young people report that they suffer from anxiety, at the same time awareness concerning mental health has increased. Lund University has several instances to help students discover ...
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News Student life
Last Sunday, the traditional battle between the guilds on sjön sjön took place. This is called “Regattan” and is a part of LTH:s novisch activity and part of ...
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SLIDESHOW: Cart race in Lundagård

News Student life
Last weekend was the Nolle Saturday (nollelördagen) which is the second day of LTH’s Nolle weekend. It was rainy and muddy but many came out to participate in ...
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Movement Becomes Sculpture

Sheep spray-painted in pink, and trains in the middle of the woods. In the exhibit ‘SculptureMotion’, at Wanås sculpture park, sculptures literally come to life. Text: Ravn Kirkegaard ...
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The Rebuilding of AF borgen Runs the Risk of Hitting Hard Towards the Student Organisations

News Student life
AF Borgen AB wants to renovate and rebuild parts of AF borgen. Large sums of donations are required for the rebuilding, which is estimated to cost 90 million ...
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Employers Do Not Care About Your Education

The ideal employee in the year 2017 is a critical thinker, a problem solver, a creative and a good writer and speaker, at least according to a new ...
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Summer plans – or lack thereof 

“Motivating others will do a lot more than my individual changes alone”. Columnist Julia Trombley reveals three goals for a eco friendly summer. ...
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Welcome to Sweden

Analysis Culture
If you’re in Sweden and you aren’t Swedish, chances are you’ll be a bit confused about Swedish holidays and the traditions associated with them. Why, for instance, are ...
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From Feministic Rage to Madness

Jealousy, murder, and desperation. Lundagård‘s reviewer Tindra Englund think that Lund’s Student Theatre’s (LUST) Medea is an excellent cure for those who have been overdosed with student humour. ...
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