Pingu helps researchers in a new study

Are there differences in how Swedes and Italians gesture? Two researchers at Lund University wanted to get empirical facts on the subject. They started a ...

Six weeks and 90 people makes a spex

After months of preparation, Helsingkrona Nation will premiere “Atlantis, eller: Jag ska aldrig äta kola igen!” (“Atlantis, or: I will never eat fudge again!”) their ...

Senaste nytt


Summer plans – or lack thereof 

“Motivating others will do a lot more than my individual changes alone”. Columnist Julia Trombley reveals three goals for a eco friendly summer. ...
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Analysis Culture

Welcome to Sweden

If you’re in Sweden and you aren’t Swedish, chances are you’ll be a bit confused about Swedish holidays and the traditions associated with them. Why, for instance, are people dancing around a pole shaped like a penis on ...
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From Feministic Rage to Madness

Jealousy, murder, and desperation. Lundagård‘s reviewer Tindra Englund think that Lund’s Student Theatre’s (LUST) Medea is an excellent cure for those who have been overdosed with student humour. Text: Tindra Englund – Translation: Viktor Jönsson ...
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Feature story

Poverty in the Shadows -the students without financial aid

Students in Lund keep going despite CSN pulling their aid. Without money, shame and poverty are part of their everyday life. Lundagård has met the students living on the breadline. Text: Filippa Werner Sellbjer – Translation: Carl-William Ersgård ...
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